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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This delightful kit is called "Florabelle" and is by Hania's Designs
You can purchase this kit at SweetPinUp HERE
Animation used is called "Fairy Sprinkle" by Simone
You can grab this freebie animation as well as other great ones HERE
I used my Misting Mask - you can download this HERE
I used Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow on my name text - this is optional
Font used is called Waltograph
I use PSP 8 so any version will work

Open Paper 8>Duplicate and close the original
Open Paper 7>Duplicate and close the original>Apply the Misting Mask with Invert Transparency checked>Merge Group>Copy>Paste onto Paper 8
You should see this as a smoky looking frame over your Paper 8 as shown on my tag 
Duplicate the Merged Group so you have 2 copies of this Merged Group
Open the Fairy Poser included with the kit and resize to 600 x 600
Copy and Paste onto the tag, placing the Fairy in between the 2 Merged Group Layers - this will give the effect of her feet disappearing
The following elements were used and placed between the 2 Merged Groups:
(All were resized smaller and drop shadows were appllied)
Element 117 Green Grass
Element 39 Sticks
Element 46 Castle
Element 48 Tree Stump
Element 69 Tall Plant With Caterpillar
Element 76 Puffy Flowers
Place these elements as shown on the tag
Other elements used and placed on top of Merged Group Layers:

103 Pine Cone
108 Log
115 Deer
22 Ladybug (Use your Deform Tool to angle the Ladybug)
27 Chair
29 Tiny Fairy
32 Honey Jar
35 Apple
65 Leaves
70 Squirrel
75 Hedgehog
61 Gray Mud
55 Butterfly (Use your Deform Tool to angle the Butterfly)
44 Leaf
31 Mushroom
24 Sunbeam (Place this under the Tiny Fairy without resizing>go to Layers>Properties>Luminance Legacy>77% to make the Sunbeam look faded
Place all elements on tag as shown and add drop shadows
To add the border open Paper 1>Copy and close it
On your tag, go to the Layer Palette (LP) and Add A New Raster Layer all the way to the top of the LP
Go up to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 10, hit the Delete key on your keyboard>Selections>Invert>Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel>Selections>Select None - you now have a cute border!!
Place your copyright information and name

In Animation Shop (AS) open the Fairy Sprinkle animation
You will see it has 20 frames
Go back to PSP and Copy Merged your tag>Paste As New Animation in AS
Go up to Edit>Duplicate Selected until you have 17 frames of your tag
(Frame totals are shown on the bottom right side of your AS screen)
Go up to Edit>Paste Before Current Frame 3 times until you have 20 frames total
Make sure the scroll bar on the bottom of your tag is all the way to the left
Go up to Edit>Select All>Edit>Propogate Paste
Go to the Fairy Sprinkle animation and making sure the scroll bar is all the way to the left, go up to Edit>Select All
Using your mouse grab the first frame of the animation and drag it to the desired spot on the tag 
View Animation to make sure it looks OK - if not, simply Undo both the animation and Tag and start again
If you're happy with it, Save as a GIF
You're finished!!
I hope this tutorial was helpful and fun -- happy tagging!!
I provide links to kits, masks and templates used; however it is beyond my control if these kits/products/freebies are no longer available by the blog/site owners

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