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Artwork of ©Alex Prihodko.


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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Tube is by SweetPinUp and is called "Filaz 05"
**You must have a license to use SPU art**
Kit by Amy Marie called "Down Home Girl"
Purchase both tube and kit at SweetPinUp HERE
Misting Mask - DOWNLOAD HERE


Open transparent image sized at 700 x 700
Open Paper 8, Copy
On tag go up to Selections>Select All
Paste copy of Paper 8 Into Selection>Selections>Select None
Open Pink Paper 6 and re size to 400 x 400
Apply Misting Mask>Merge Group>Copy>Paste As New Layer on tag and move toward the right side of tag as shown
Open tube, resize to 500 and Copy/Paste onto tag
To angle the fence, rocks at fence, and grass element 91, open each element and resize smaller - using your Deform Tool, press down on CTRL (on your keyboard) and using your mouse cursor grab the bottom left square on the deform shape, move up slowly until you get the angle you want.  Place angled elements as shown on tag
Place the grass both behind and in front of the fence by Duplicating - I made another copy of the grass to place in front of tube
I Duplicated the grass again, Mirror it, and placed behind the tube - work the grass around until you are happy with placement
The Water element was Mirrored and placed under all grass elements with rocks surrounding the water
Place flowers and plants as shown

In Layer Palette (LP) Add A Raster Layer to the top layer in LP, use your Dropper Tool to select a beige color, flood fill your tag with the beige, go up to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 10>hit DELETE key>Selections>Invert>Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel>Drop Shadow>Selections>Select None
This would be a cute tag to animate with water or sparkles!!
I provide links to kits, masks and templates used; however it is beyond my control if these kits/products/freebies are no longer available by the blog/site owners

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