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Saturday, March 2, 2013


I used the adorable "Laterne" Doll Tube from SweetPinUp HERE
**You must have a license to use SPU art**
The kit is a PTU called "Pixie Magic" by Wicked Princess 
Go to her blog HERE for stores she sells in
Mask used is called "Vaybs Smokey Mask 01" and you can grab it at Vayb's blog HERE
Firefly animation #295 is by Simone -- go to her blog HERE for this and other great animations and templates
Font used is called Respective Slanted
You will need to download the animation from Simone's blog
Animation Shop
I use PSP 8 so any Version will work
Open a transparent image sized at 700 x 700
Add A New Raster Layer to your bottom layer - this will be your background
You can flood fill with white or select a pretty light pink from one of the kit elements with your Dropper Tool - I used color #FFD4E5 and used this as my background
Add A New Raster Layer ABOVE your Background - flood fill with a darker pink - I used color #DA5A6C then apply your Mask>Merge Group
Select your elements from the kit, re size if necessary and place as you wish or as shown on my tag
Open the tube and re size to 600 width - I used both tubes on my tag 
After you have finished placing all your elements, go to the Layer Palette and Add A New Raster Layer to the very TOP layer - this will be your little frame
Flood fill your tag with the dark pink color then Selections>Select All>Modify with a setting of 3>hit Delete key>Selections>Invert>Effects>3D Effects>Add Inner Bevel>Selections>Select None - you now have a little frame around your tag
Now that your tag is complete you want to prepare the tag to go to Animation Shop to place your Firefly animation - the reason you need to prepare is because your fireflies are going to go under some tag layers and over other layers.  It sounds complicated but it really is not!!
Put your Copyright information on the tag - if you are going to make more than one tag with different names, do not put your name on it yet..if you are only making one with your name go ahead and place your text on the tag
First you want to determine where the firefly animation is going to go...I placed my fireflies OVER the bush, ladder, mask group and background - the rest of the tag layers go OVER the ANIMATION.  In order to do this, you will need to Merge some of your layers together.
When you determine the layers that will go under your animation, go to the Layer Palette (LP) and click on the eye of all the layers that will go UNDER the animation - this will make these layers invisible for now
In your LP right click on one of the active layers and Merge Visible - now all your layers to go OVER the animation are Merged together - rename this new Merged layer TOP LAYER to avoid confusion
Now click the eye on TOP LAYER to make it invisible and un-click the bottom layers - right click and Merge Visible - now all your bottom layers are Merged and you can rename this layer BOTTOM LAYER - you should, in your LP, have only 2 layers now...TOP LAYER and BOTTOM LAYER
In Animation Shop (AS) open your animation and you will see it has 31 frames
(this information is at the bottom right side of your AS screen)
Back in PSP make sure your TOP LAYER still is checked so it is invisible and make your BOTTOM LAYER active - right click the tag and COPY - Paste As New Animation in AS
To make 31 copies of your tag go up to Edit>Duplicate Selected until you have about 17 frames, then proceed to Edit>Paste Before Current Frame until you have 31 frames of your tag total
With the bottom scroll bar of your tag all the way to the left, go up to Edit>Select All>Edit>Propogate Paste
On the animation make sure the bottom scroll bar is all the way to the left and go up to Edit>Select All
With your mouse cursor carefully drag the first frame of the firefly animation to your tag (make sure to determine where you want to place it before dragging it) - now go to your animation and Undo so the fireflies are back on the frames, and repeat the same process to apply a second set of fireflies on your tag (I used 2 on my tag but you don't have to!!)
View Animation to make sure it is placed correctly and that it runs properly - if you made a boo boo, that's OK - just Undo and repeat
When you're happy with it all, you now need to go back in PSP to apply the rest of the tag to your animated tag
Back in PSP uncheck the TOP LAYER and check BOTTOM LAYER - making sure the TOP LAYER is active, right click on the tag and Copy then Paste As New Animation in AS
Repeat the process to place the top layers of your tag onto the bottom layers of your tag..make 31 frames of the TOP LAYER in AS - repeating the above steps carefully use your mouse cursor to drag the TOP LAYER onto your tag - again View Animation and make sure you're happy with it
Now you can, in PSP, make your text (your name) - Copy and Paste in AS and make 31 frames of that and drag that onto your tag
After viewing your animation, save it and you're done!!
If you have any problems with this tutorial or have any questions, let me know!!
I always provide links to all resources that I use but it is beyond my control if these resources/freebies/kits/masks/templates are no longer available

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