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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Tube is called Angel 1 and is original artwork from SweetPinUp
You can purchase it at Pics For Design HERE
**You must have a license to use PFD art**
FTU kit is called "Lil Bo Peepers" (cute name!!) and is by Wicked Princess
It was formerly a PTU but you can grab it for free at her blog HERE
Template #01 is by Millie and you can grab it at her blog HERE
I use PSP Version 8 so any Version will work!!
OPTIONAL Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for text
Place a Drop Shadow on your Elements as you go...!!
I did not use any kind of special effects and the placement of elements is pretty self-explanatory so I will list the papers I used and tell you about the size of the elements used.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I would love to see your finished design!!  Brenda "Butterflydzines"
Open your template and duplicate it then close the original
Delete the credits and background
First open the Paper and Copy
Go to your tag and click on the template shape you wish to paste the Paper on>go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>go to your Layer Palette (LP) and click on Add A Raster Layer>right click on your tag and Paste Into Selection>add a Drop Shadow>Selections>Select None
Repeat this step for all of your template shapes.  Here are the Papers I used:
Paper 5 on the circle and square
Paper 3 on the large rectangle
Paper 13 on the middle square and the 2 left square frames - I also added a bevel effect to the frames and then added a Drop Shadow
Paper 8 in both of the left squares but NO Drop Shadow
Now open your Angel 1 tube, Duplicate and close the original.  Resize the tube to 650 x 650
In your LP click on the Eye on Layers Background, Obj. 1 and Obj. 2 so they are not visible - now right click on an open Layer (in LP) and select Merge Visible.
Now you have the Angel tube merged with the cloudy effect that is behind it.
Copy and Paste onto your tag as shown on mine
Beads Element - Paste behind the template as background decoration>Duplicate>Mirror>Duplicate>Flip>Duplicate Mirror
Now you have 4 Bead Elements on all 4 corners of your background
Cloud Element was NOT re-sized and I placed behind the Angel on the left side>Duplicate>Mirror for the right side and Duplicate again and placed at the top of the Circle shape
Flowerbranch 2 was resized to 300 width and placed over the Cloud on left side of Angel>Duplicate>Mirror to have on the right side
Divider Element was re-sized to 500 width and placed under Flowerbranch 2 and Cloud
Grassflowers Element was re-sized to 500 width and placed above the Divider Element and under clouds behind the Angel
Flowersbow Element was re-sized to 240 width
Roseswag Element was re-sized to 250 and placed at the bottom of the Angel's gown on the left>Duplicate>Mirror for the right side of her gown
Leaves Element re-sized to 250 width and placed under the Roseswag Element>Duplicate>Mirror
Butterfly Element re-sized to 125 width and placed over the cloud that is on the circle shape.  Use your Deform Tool to angle it.  Duplicate and place on the right side of the tag as shown and use your Deform Tool to make it smaller>Duplicate>Mirror and place on the left side as shown
Flowerbranch Element was re-sized to 232 height and placed on the left side of the large Butterfly>Duplicate>Mirror and place on the right side of the Butterfly
Place your name and Copyright information on the tag and save as a PNG
(For my name I used the Dropper Tool and selected a blue from the Angel)
I also use Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow for my text but this is optional
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!
I always provide links to kits, templates, masks, etc. but it is beyond my control if they are no longer available on the blogs/sites/shops where I got them

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