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Artwork of ©Alex Prihodko.


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Friday, May 25, 2012


A fabulous new Doll tube from Sweet-PinUp called "Pink Lady" - it comes in a set of three and can be purchased at My Tubed Art HERE
**You must have a license to use her art**

This brand new kit is by Bibi's Collection and is called "Punketa" - a fabulous kit with loads of elements - this can be purchased at SPU HERE or go to Bibi's blog HERE

Template used is number 43 and is available as a freebie at Scraps Dimensions HERE

The record album used on the tag in the center is by me and you can download it HERE

Text used is called Simply Glamorous

Add Drop Shadows as you go

Open the template - it is sized large so I resized it to 750 x 750; Duplicate and close the original

Open the Record Album I supplied you and Copy

Go to your template and click on the white dashes on the center circle; delete this layer

Click on the center circle to make it active.  Go up to Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat>Add A New Raster Layer in your Layer Palette (LP) then Paste Into Selection the Record Album>Select None

To fill in your template shapes with papers, do the same directions as above to insert the papers.  I used Paper 12 for the Oval, Paper 5 for the angled Rectangles and for the white dashes around the Oval, and Paper 10 for the row of long Rectangles.  I did not use a mask for this tag.

After filling your template with the Papers and applying a drop shadow to them, add your Doll and Elements as shown.  You will have to resize most of them smaller to fit correctly.  Don't be afraid to use your Deform Tool if you need to make a minor adjustment!!

Put the Speaker element under the Doll to look as if she's sitting on it

I used Element 79 and placed it behind all other elements on the side of the Road element; Duplicate Element 79, go up to Image>Mirror so it's placed on both sides of the road

At the very bottom your LP, flood fill your tag with white as a background

To add a border, go to your LP and Add A New Raster Layer at the very top of your layers

Flood fill the entire tag with a blue from the elements that you choose with your Color Dropper - go up to Selections>Select All>Modify>Contract by 4>Hit Delete on your keyboard>Selections>Invert - you will see marching ants around your border -- now go up to Adjust>Add Noise and add noise at whatever setting you like.  Now go up to Effects>3D>Drop Shadow with a setting of -5 and -4, apply the drop shadow then go back there again and use settings of - and 4 - go to Selections>Select None to get rid of your marching ants

Add your Copyright information and name, save as a jpg or png

You're done!!!

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