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Friday, June 1, 2012


Sweet-PinUp doll Angel 6 is available HERE
**You must have a license to use SPU art**

I used 2 Freebie kits from Jenny Art
The misted bird scene is from kit "Bird Kingdom"
All other elements & paper used are from kit "Colorful Dreams"
You can grab them HERE

The mask I used to mist the elements can be downloaded HERE
**I found this mask years ago on the web and I have no idea where it came from or who made it - no name or identification is on it**

Please be aware that while I post links to all kits used, it is beyond my control if the kits, elements, etc. are no longer available from the blogs/shops that I obtained/purchased the kits

Open a transparent image sized 750 x 750


Open the flower/bird misted scene from the "Bird Kingdom" kit - resize to 700 width and place at bottom of your tag

Open Paper 02 from the "Colorful Dreams" kit - apply the Misting Mask>Merge Group and make sure this layer is UNDER your flower/bird scene

Open tube and resize to 700 height - do NOT Mist the Angel!!

Open all other elements as shown, resize smaller and apply the Misting Mask to ALL elements (EXCEPT the yellow petals, butterfly, bee and ladybug) as you open them.  After Misting each element Copy and Paste onto your tag and apply Drop Shadows

I used the Grass element, Misted it, Pasted onto tag UNDER the flower/bird scene on the right side, then Duplicated>Image>Mirror and placed that copy to the left and moved it up a bit under the scene to make it look more realistic

I used the Cloud element, Misted it, placed it on the upper left side of the tag, Duplicated>Image>Mirror and placed on the right side of the tag and moved it down a little bit

Yellow Petals element was placed over the tree and behind the fence

Sun element was Misted and placed under the Cloud

Place your Copyright and name and save as a png!!!

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