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Tuesday, November 22, 2011



OK ladies, this is my first tutorial so wish me luck!  LOL
I am writing my tuts especially for those who may not be familiar with PSP
I use PSP Version 8, so any Version will work

Poser Doll Tube is available at SweetPinUp HERE
You must have a license to use her art
FTU Scrap Kit is "Fairy Magic" at Jenny's Designz HERE
Mask #17 at Brutal Designs HERE
*Optional* Plugin Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow for text

Open a transparent image 600 x 600

Go up to Selection>Select All

Open paper 3, copy, then Paste Into Selection on your new image

In Layer Palette (LP) make a new raster layer

Open paper 8, copy, then Paste Into Selection

Open mask #17 and apply to paper 8 then Merge Group
(Source Luminance checked, Invert Transparency NOT checked)

Apply drop shadow if desired to the mask group
(Add drop shadows to all elements as you place them on your tag)

Open magic glitter and place toward the right of the tag as shown

Open grass and resize to 600 pixels width
(To resize go up to Image>Resize)

Place grass near bottom as shown on my tag

Open blue flower bush and place as on my tag under the grass layer

Open flowers 5 and resize to 400 pixels height

Place under the grass and flower bush

Open cloud and resize to 400 pixels wide

Place cloud on upper right as shown but not too close to the edge
(We will be adding a border later, so do not place elements too close to edges)

Open mushroom 3 and resize to 200 pixels wide

Place mushroom on top of grass on right side

Open rock and resize to 100 pixels wide

Place rock next to mushroom

Open deer and resize to 200 pixels wide

Place deer to the left as shown

Open the doll tube and resize to 550 pixels

Place doll tube as shown so that swing string is touching the top of your tag

Open diamond string and crop so you just have the diamond

Copy and paste the diamond on swing string of doll; erase any excess you have left from the diamond string

Deform the diamond so that it is smaller and fits well
(To Deform use your Deform Tool on left sidebar; when finished, click on Pan arrow)

Duplicate the diamond and mirror it and place on the other swing string as shown
(To duplicate and mirror, duplicate your diamond in your LP, then go up to

Open light image and place in left corner so ray of light is touching the top of tag

You may want to place drop shadow on light ray to make it stand out more

Open flower 4 and resize to 100 pixels 

Place where shown on tag, duplicate flower and mirror and place this one near mushroom and higher than the other flower so it is not in line

Go all the way to the top layer in LP and add a new raster layer

Make sure this new raster layer is highlighted in your LP

On your tag, go to Selections>Select All

Open paper 6, copy then Paste Into Selection on your tag
(This paper will be covering the whole tag!)

Go up to Selection>Modify>Contract by 5 then hit OK

On your tag now hit the Delete Key

Go up to Selections>Invert

Go up to Effects>3D>Drop Shadow with settings at black shadow, Vertical at 5 and
Horizontal at 4

Go back up to Effects>3D>Drop Shadow with settings now at Vertical -5 and
Horizontal at -4

Go up to Selections>Select None

You now have a cute border around the tag!

Add the proper copyright and credits and your license #

In Layer Palette, click on the magic glitter layer

Go up to Window>Duplicate two times so you have 3 tags total

Making sure your magic glitter is highlighted in LP, go up to Adjust>Noise with 
settings at Random, Monochrome checked, noise 100%

You will see your magic glitter now has noise on your first tag

Right click this tag and Copy Merged, then Paste As New Animation in AS

Back to PSP, repeat the same step on your second tag

Paste in AS by going up to Edit>Paste After Current Frame

Repeat the same steps to your third tag in PSP and Pasting After Current Frame in AS

Now you will see you have 3 copies of your tag in AS

Go up to View Animation to make sure your magic glitter is animated

If it looks OK, go to File and Save As

You're Done!!!

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  1. Oh man I can't wait to try this I have wanted to learn how to do some of the things you do for so log I am so grateful you are doing tuts for us major newbies thank-u so much Hugs Susan

  2. I know you'll do fine with it Susan - it is an easy one and you know I'd love to see your results!! Hugs Brenda


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